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Shropshire Mindfulness

Friendly, person-centred mindfulness sessions, courses, retreats, supervision & mentoring

Hello, I'm Helen

Welcome to my page and I feel really lucky to be able to combine my passion for mindfulness and wellbeing approaches with learner-centred education.
Having been a teacher and trainer for over 30 years now, I still love to discover creative and fun ways to enable people to learn and hopefully empower them to live their lives and find what they love to do. 

Whatever I am teaching, whether it’s general-public courses and retreats in lovely Shropshire or further afield, workplace professional development and training, in schools with staff, children and young people or supervising mindfulness teachers, I feel so fortunate to be sharing mindfulness and developing wellbeing with people.

Helen of Shropshire Mindfulness

My Inspiration - Cathie

My inspiration is Cathie, my dear sister-in-law, whose life was cut short by a brain tumour.  She said to me, “don’t let those little everyday doubts and worries get in the way of living your life. You only realise how precious life is when it is taken from you, so enjoy each moment of being alive.  Spend time doing the things you love and being with people.”

I hold Cathie’s legacy in my heart as I continue to do this work, her zest for life, shared moments of joy and laughter and the preciousness of life and connection with others. 

Mindfulness is learning to stay with all of what shows up in our one wild and precious life.  It’s like these beautiful words of Rumi, “I said, what about my eyes? He said: keep them on the road. I said: what about my passion? He said: keep it burning. I said: what about my heart? He said: tell me what you hold inside it? I said: pain and sorrow. He said: stay with it. The wound is the place where the light enters you.” 

With mindfulness, we learn to be with our moments of pain as well as our moments of joy, and to grow with whatever life brings.  Just learning to stay present and connected to ourselves, to others and to our environment, really helps to support us to manage each moment as best as we can.

Work with me

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Mindfulness for Individuals

Mindfulness courses, well-being retreats and one-to-one mentoring. Focusing on developing friendly, mindful awareness towards our experience in the midst of our everyday lives.

Mindfulness for Organisations

Mindfulness-based tasters, courses, wellbeing days, plus regular, weekly mindfulness teaching and training for many schools, businesses and charities across Shropshire and further afield.

Live your best possible life by developing awareness, noticing the joy, and building resilience to meet challenges.

Helen of Shropshire Mindfulness

Mindfulness Supervision and Mentoring

I have a friendly, learner-centred style of supervision and mentoring and will adapt my sessions to best meet your needs.  I completed a post-graduate certificate in mentoring with Wolverhampton University in 2006 and then I trained as a mindfulness-based supervisor in 2016. Since then, I have been supervising mindfulness teachers and offering one-to-one mindfulness mentoring.

If you would rather learn mindfulness online, adapted to your needs, you may find mindful mentoring helpful.  You may feel you would benefit learning mindfulness on a one-to-one if you aren’t keen on being part of a group, or you are unable to make the course times. Book a free 10 mins curiosity call with me to explore this further.


Retreats are a time away from your everyday life and offer a chance to pause, take care and reconnect with yourself. Whether they last a few hours, a day, a weekend or longer, it is such a beneficial way to experience mindfulness, improve wellbeing and just take stock of how you are.


Mindfulness brings us back to our current experience through drawing our attention to the connections between our bodies, feelings and thoughts.

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Kind Words

Are you ready to feel hope, positivity and warmth in your heart? Would you like to experience more contentment, and flourish in life?

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