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You have come to the right place for bringing mindfulness-based wellbeing into your organisation!

Since 2013, I have been offering mindfulness-based tasters, courses, wellbeing days, plus regular, weekly mindfulness teaching and training for many schools, businesses and charities across Shropshire and further afield. 

Educational Settings

We all hope that our children and young people develop the capacity to feel comfortable and confident in themselves, so they can be content and fulfilled in their lives, and in what they choose to do with their futures. Growing nurturing communities within educational settings feels more relevant than ever, in the time-pressured world of today. 

We may not know what the future holds for our children and young people, however if we help develop a sense of wonderment, curiosity to learn, creativity, self-regulation and improved wellbeing and interaction with each other, we will be starting from strong foundations. There are several different approaches and programmes available, suitable for different age groups and settings, from pre-school all the way up to adults, including staff training and parent & guardian courses and tasters.

The Present

The Present courses offers mindfulness in educational settings programme for children and young people and Living in the Present for adults caring for or working with children.  This is based around themes and is so versatile for tailoring to any educational settings, eg: youth clubs, forest schools, pupil referral units and activity centres, as well as schools and colleges.  This programme encourages young people to connect with their communities through setting up projects with local charities and organisations.  This supports both groups to share and build their skills into something of purpose. 

Mindfulness in Schools MiSP

Mindfulness in Schools MiSP  has Dots for preschool and keystage 1, Pawsb for keystage 2 and .b for teens.  These sessions follow a set structure which has been developed for use in the classroom.  They also have the .bFoundations course for staff and parents within the school.

Contact me to find out more about which programme would work best for your setting and more detail about the organisations and projects I am involved with currently.  

Helen of Shropshire Mindfulness

"Helen plans and facilitates a wonderful and varied mindfulness session for our clients who all have an acquired brain injury. Helen has such fun and fantastic ideas and always inspires and engages with the group! We all look forward to her classes”

Businesses, Charities and Public Organisations

Lots of businesses, charities and organisations really value their staff and clients’ wellbeing.  In fact, it is well-documented how many different organisations have adopted mindfulness to support their staff and clients. Research has shown that mindfulness helps foster better workplace wellbeing, relationships with others and improves creativity, problem solving and productivity. 

Mindfulness-based continuing professional development, through staff training tasters, courses or retreats, offers a space for staff to develop mindfulness skills to benefit them at work and at home.  It’s all about growing a sense of wellbeing, because when people feel content in themselves, they feel more connected to each other and their environment.  Mindfulness supports our capacity to respond wisely from a place of clarity, rather than being reactive to stress.  It encourages attitudes of compassion, non-judgement, and kindly awareness.  By creating caring work communities, staff and clients will feel more valued and supported in what they do.

I have been privileged to offered mindfulness and wellbeing in a wide variety of workplace settings.  I would love to work with your organisation.  Whether you would like a regular weekly mindfulness-based wellbeing session, a full course, a taster, or retreat, just give me a call and we can talk through the best way to offer this. 

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