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Supervision and Mentoring

I have a friendly, learner-centred style of mindfulness supervision and mentoring

How I can help you

I have a friendly, learner-centred style of supervision and mentoring and will adapt my sessions to best meet your needs. I completed a post-graduate certificate in mentoring with Wolverhampton University in 2006 and then I trained as a mindfulness-based supervisor in 2016. Since then, I have been supervising mindfulness teachers and offering one-to-one mindfulness mentoring.


My intention is to make mindfulness accessible to everyone and to enable them to find their unique path in life and enjoy the journey. I have a particular interest in neurodiversity and helping those individuals who need more alternative ways to learn and understand mindfulness.

Mindful Mentoring

If you would rather learn mindfulness online, adapted to your needs, you may find mindful mentoring helpful. You may feel you would benefit learning mindfulness on a one-to-one if you aren’t keen on being part of a group, or you are unable to make the course times. Contact me to explore this further.


If you are a teacher of mindfulness or training to teach mindfulness, it is part of the good practice guidelines to have regular, on-going mindfulness-based supervision and I am very happy to support you. I offer mindfulness supervision for all your teaching, training and practice needs, through The Mindfulness Network and you can apply for supervision or find out more here.

Helen of Shropshire Mindfulness

What does supervision entail?

We will start with a contracting session to see how we work together and to explore your needs. Then each session we have space to discuss what is most relevant to your own mindfulness practice, teaching and/or training.  We can discuss on your teaching and training, and you can explore any issues which may be challenging you, as well as celebrating what is going well too.
The Mindfulness network have produced FAQs and a short film about supervision and what it entails. Just click on the link:

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